ZOOM Helps You To Stay Organized

Plan & execute activities for yourself and your team. Then track them via our prasied 7-day calendar view.


Schedule Visits

Prepare Personal or Group visit. Add collegues who came along with you and make note of other physician who attended the meeting.


Note Calls

No time for face-2-face meeting with physician? That's OK, just use our Call activity to quickly collect sample and brochure order via phone.


Manage Events

Via ZOOM you can also plan events like congresses or symposiums. Make note of the venue, participants, indication groups and specialties.

Define your Territory

Make use of this great feature to organize business and control your teams around territory. You can define it in unlimited levels from anything as Region -> County -> Brick to Business Unit hierarchies.


Form CRM users into teams and assign them to territories as owners or members. On the other side, add institutions to their territories so they can focus only on their own accounts.


Roll-out this CRM to more countries simply by using this territory features which limits "who-sees-what-data". Also, each country can then have it's own territory definition.


Even though this feature is called "Territory", you can define hierarchies that fit your own organization structure. For ex. organization by Region and Business units.

Used in Reports Later

What you define here will be later used in all reports in a way that will show data according to your setup. This way you can ensure sales reps see only their data.

Territory definition kit
Best in class analytics

Market Analysis Capabilities

We descided to build a game-changer solution which offers everything in one place. You don't need 3rd party apps to analyze market, then copy it manually to Excel to put them in context with sales and plan data. ZOOM does this automatically and offers you reports to do your analysis in one app.

Sales & Plan

Manages your sales and incetives for your team and individuals based on their territory performance.


Are your activities boosting your sales? If not, find out if you should increase calls for some physicians.

Sample management

Inventory on Hand

Integrate with external systems or maintain inventory of products, samples, publications and gifts in ZOOM.


Product Inventory

Our Products module lets you store and search for all the products in your porftolio.

Sample Ordering & Tracking

We have 4 integrated product type classifications: packages, samples, gifts and publications. Create sample orders by simple dragging product in the activity/call when interacting with physicians. Use reports to see how much samples were delivered to physicians and have they exceeded the limit.



Product detailing

Relevant information like product line, group, price, wholesale price, photo, ATC classification and more can be maintained directly inside ZOOM or pulled from your existing sources like ERP system.

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